Our Story


I’m Slaviša, an engineer, artist, avid home cook and inventor of the TurkeyStone.

After immigrating to the U.S., I quickly came to love American Thanksgiving traditions. Especially the lavish meal shared with family and friends. 

But I’ll confess, I didn’t always love the whole roast turkey as a centerpiece. Often the meat was dry and tasteless.

Even worse, I saw how stressful it could be for home cooks to roast such a large bird well. Especially with the other demands of the holiday - one that should be enjoyable! 

One Thanksgiving, while watching our Auntie El struggle with this culinary project, I came up with the novel idea of inside-out cooking.

And that was the start of the TurkeyStone.

Since then, I painstakingly developed and tested 20+ versions of the Stone with an uncompromising eye to form, function, and quality. 

My partners and I are proud to have won several global design and innovation awards, received a U.S. patent, and – most of all – helped home cooks create delicious meals without breaking a sweat!  

Thank you for supporting our growing company. Wishing you fantastic times with family and friends around the dinner table!

- Slaviša