How do ChickenStones and TurkeyStones work?

Our patented design takes advantage of the scientific principle of thermal conduction. The Stone sits inside the cavity of a whole chicken or turkey during roasting. The ceramic body warms up quickly, becoming a heat source. Then it cooks the bird from the inside, while your oven or grill cooks it from the outside.


What size turkeys and chickens do these Stones fit?

The TurkeyStone works with most sizes of turkey that we cook for the holidays. It will work in turkeys from about 15 pounds up to 30+ pounds.

The smaller ChickenStone works for roasting almost all sizes of whole chickens.


I’m grilling my bird. Will the Stone work on the grill?

Yes! If your whole chicken or turkey fits on/in your grill then the Stone will work. They function best if the grill has a lid that closes over the bird.

These Stones are more sanitary than beer cans and allow you to keep the bird horizontal throughout the prep and cooking process.


How long should I cook the bird when using a Stone?

In our experience, checking temperature throughout cooking a whole chicken or turkey will get you much better results than relying only on charts of cooking times and weights.

The TurkeyStone will significantly reduce cooking time, especially if you use it empty or with hot liquids. So be sure to start checking the temperature much earlier than usual.

During roasting your aim is to raise the internal temperature of the whole bird enough so it’s safely cooked. But diligently avoid over-cooking, the #1 enemy of moist, flavorful meat. Check out our favorite video on this topic and our instructions page.


Can I still cook my stuffing inside the turkey?

Sorry, the TurkeyStone sits inside the cavity of the turkey so there’s no room for stuffing as well. But the TurkeyStone will drastically speed up cooking time for the bird, allowing you more oven time for delicious sides like stuffing and more.


What is the TurkeyStone made of?

Our products are made of high-quality porcelain ceramic. They’re made using a slip-casting technique then fired at temperatures over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. So the final pieces are strong, lightweight, and resist chipping

The lid has an oven-safe silicone ring to ensure a snug fit.


Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes! The food-grade glaze is food-safe, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.


What colors are available?

The TurkeyStone currently comes in 2 colors: chili red and classic blue. The ChickenStone currently comes in 3 colors: spring green, lemon yellow, or chili red.

Write to us at hello@turkeystone.us if you have color suggestions for the future.


Why don’t you ship outside the U.S.?

Unfortunately, global shipping has proven to be unreliable and prohibitively expensive. We are actively seeking better alternatives and hope to expand to global shipping in the future.


But wait, I have other questions!

We'd love hear from you. Please write to us at hello@turkeystone.us.